Displays & Cartons

  • AssurPack® Child Resistant Packaging for Marijuana Products
  • Mountain High Cannabis Edibles in AssurPack®'s Patented Packaging
  • Chill Pills cannabis edibles in AssurPack® packaging
  • SecurSlide® and AssurPack® Cartons with Cannabis Concentrates
As a complement to our product line and for all cannabis packaging, we offer custom folding cartons for retail and display including rigid set-up boxes.* We work comprehensively from design development and prototyping through printing and manufacturing to create custom packaging and folding display cartons that boost your branding and help move your product from shelf to sale. To streamline your production process, we provide the following features and benefits:
  • Custom design
  • Manufacturing
  • Small runs using digital printing
  • Prototyping (sample making, design development through manufacturing)
  • Custom structural design services
  • Retail packaging
  • Display packaging (shelf and counter displays)
  • Rigid set-up boxes
  • Printing, stamping, embossing and windowing
  • Special features such as magnetic closures and ribbon hinges

*Available for all packaging, not limited to AssurPACK-specific packaging.