At AssurPack, we understand the critical role packaging plays in preserving the quality and potency of cannabis products. Our airtight packaging solutions are made to elevate freshness, extend shelf-life, and enhance your brand’s reputation, all while staying compliant. With laboratory-proven airtightness and consumer-approved convenience, AssurPack is the name you can trust for reliable packaging that stands out.

AssurPack AssurSeal product family


M Line: Unbeatable Freshness for Multi-Pack Pre-Rolls

Experience the next level of freshness with AssurSeal M Line packaging. Engineered to perfection, these packages are fortified with an ultra-tight seal that effectively locks out dryness and seals in the precious terpenes of your pre-rolls. The result? Each pre-roll stays as fresh as the moment it was made, ensuring your customers enjoy a consistently superior smoking experience. Available in various sizes and configurations, AssurSeal® M Line guarantees lasting freshness for pre-rolls of all lengths.

D Line: Innovative Design, Extended Shelf Life

Meet AssurSeal D Line — where innovation meets preservation. Crafted with a unique “D” shape, these packages effortlessly fit into pockets and purses, making them convenient for on-the-go users. Made with food grade plastic, this airtight edibles packaging ensures a clean enclosure for your gummies or chocolates. The tight closure extends the shelf life of edibles and flower, and the distinctive form also serves as a canvas to enhance your brand’s identity. AssurSeal D Line caters to medical users with one-handed operability while maintaining CPSC certification for child resistance. Stackable for appealing retail displays and streamlined inventory management, this packaging solution does it all.

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AssurCard blister packs offer multiple custom options for cannabis edibles, pre-rolls and vapes.


The Only Blister Pack You’ll Need

Discover AssurCard, the versatile blister pack that aligns seamlessly with your product’s attributes. Whether it’s the shape, size, or branding, AssurCard offers total customization to meet your packaging needs. 100% compliant across all markets with a form factor made for retail, each individual blister is CPSC-certified for your peace of mind. Beyond its adaptability, AssurCard’s airtight seal acts as a guardian, preserving the integrity of your pre-rolls or edibles. The robust foil construction ensures your products remain fresh, while the user-friendly push-and-tear mechanism guarantees easy access. For ultimate efficiency, work with our engineers to achieve direct-pour production.

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Innovation Redefined

Revolutionize your packaging experience with AssurPouch, the industry’s first child-resistant pouch that eliminates the need for scissors. Seamlessly open the pouch by folding and tearing at the corner—simplicity at its finest. Ideal for beverages, transdermal patches, and single-serving edibles, AssurPouch offers superior protection during transit, thanks to its extra-thick foil. Your products’ quality remains intact, and the extended shelf-life ensures customer satisfaction. The extended surface area provides ample room for compliance messaging and captivating designs that resonate with your audience.

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SecurSlide® with Insert

Elevate Your Packaging YOUR Way

Experience the pinnacle of durability and convenience with the patented SecurSlide from AssurPack. This industry-leading packaging solution boasts a reclosable CPSC-certified design combining effortless opening and secure closure. Pre-rolls, edibles and vapes find a perfect fit with the use of custom liners. By encouraging reuse through its durability and clever closure, SecurSlide promotes sustainability and fosters customer loyalty by keeping a billboard of your brand in your customer’s pocket.

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