Sustainable, Child-Resistant Packaging for Fresh Brand Solutions

Serious Sustainability

AssurPack® is designing for the eco-friendly future with biodegradable, reusable, and recycled packaging options. Among our innovations are sustainable paperboard and BioSphere®, a new formulation that makes packaging materials biodegrade more quickly.

100% Compliant Child-Resistant Packaging

All AssurPack packaging solutions are CPSC-certified for child-resistance. Thanks to our unmatched pharmaceutical expertise, your packaging is guaranteed compliant.

Airtight for Freshness

Purpose-built packaging is good branding. Protect the freshness of your products—and satisfy your customers—with the highest airtightness rating available (USP671:Tight).

The Industry Leader

AssurPack is your partner for the highest quality, customized packaging solutions for every fresh brand need. We offer:

  • Unlimited private-label branding options
  • Always-ready stock inventory
  • A reputation for innovation and excellence since 2014