SecurSlide® BP

Sustainable Packaging for Vape Cartridges, Edibles and Concentrates

  • SecurSlide-BP® - Matchbox in Natural and Black, view 1
  • SecurSlide-BP® - Matchbox in Natural and Black, view 2
  • SecurSlide-BP® - Matchbox in Natural and Black, view 3
  • SecurSlide-BP® - Assorted Sizes

Our child-resistant SecurSlide® Matchbox size package is now available in bioplastic! Satisfy your customers’ desire for sustainable materials with a mix of 100% renewable wheat straw and traditional plastic resin — and cut your carbon footprint in half.

Featuring our patented squeeze-and-pull design, the SecurSlide® BP is perfect for edible packaging, vape cartridge packaging, and a variety of other cannabis packaging applications, including miniature pre-rolls.

Optional liners include parchment, wax paper, and medical-grade silicone for a watertight seal.

  • Available in black and natural colors
  • Patented. Available only at AssurPack®
  • BPA-free, food-grade plastic
  • Recyclable as a #7 plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • CPSC-certified
Name Dimensions


52 mm 35.5 mm 10.5 mm
AssurPack SecurSlide Diagram

Standard Colors:

  • Black
  • Cream
  • Sustainability
    AssurPack® is committed to sustainability through innovation. Our engineers lead the cannabis packaging industry with environmentally friendly materials and waste-minimizing designs.
  • Protect Your Product
    SecurSlide® BP is made from wheat straw and traditional plastic resin that’s BPA-free and FDA food-grade. It’s a healthy choice for edibles, extracts, concentrates, and much more.
  • Sustainability - Smaller Footprint
    The SecurSlide’s compact design takes up less shipping space, saving money and carbon emissions.
  • Recycling and Sustainability
    Wheat straw is a 100% renewable resource. And when it’s time for disposal, SecurSlide® BP recycles as a normal #7 plastic.