SecurSlide® BP

The Bioplastic Matchbox for a Greener Cannabis Industry

Care about sustainability? Demonstrate your commitment to the planet with the bioplastic SecurSlide® BP — the squeeze-and-pull matchbox that customers reuse again and again.

The SecurSlide® BP’s blend of wheat resin bioplastic and conventional plastic cuts your carbon footprint in half while providing product protection equivalent to conventional materials.

Patented and CPSC-certified. Multiple sizes and configurations for edibles, vape carts, pre rolls, and more. Available to ship in low MOQs.

SecurSlide® BP MatchBox

  • SecurSlide®BP MatchBox in Natural and Black, view 1
  • SecurSlide®BP MatchBox in Natural and Black, view 2
  • SecurSlide®BP MatchBox in Natural and Black, view 3
  • SecurSlide®BP MatchBox in Natural and Black, view 4


in | mm
61.8 mm 2.43 in
46 mm 1.81 in
14.4 mm 0.57 in


Black, Natural
  • #7


The SecurSlide® BP uses 100% renewable wheat straw resin. It’s 50/50 blend of wheat and conventional plastic solves the problem of bioplastics that crack and break too easily.

Most bioplastics don’t recycle. And contrary to popular belief, they don’t compost or biodegrade in a backyard garden either. They require specialized industrial processing to return to the earth.

SecurSlide® BP solves the bioplastic disposal problem by maintaining the same recyclability as a conventional plastic. When the product is gone, SecurSlide® BP recycles as a normal #7 plastic.

SecurSlide® BP protects consumers with its food-grade, BPA-free formulation and CPSC-certified child-resistance.