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Spray Bottles

Precise Dosing Without the Dropper Bottle

Our metered-dose spray bottles feature a child-resistant locking mechanism that makes them perfect for cannabis packaging. Each push of the dispenser provides the same precise sublingual dosing. Ideal for medical patients needing quick relief.

Top- and bottom-loading options for convenient filling on the production line. Three sizes available (.5-oz., 1-oz., 2-oz.).

  • Metered Spray Bottles
    Child-Resistant Spray Bottles - Assortment with puck for filling process
  • Metered Spray Bottles
    CR Spray Bottles - Child-Resistant feature
  • AssurPack® Metered Spray Bottles - Child Resistant and Easy to Use
    Child-Resistant Spray Bottles - available sizes: 2.0 oz, 1.0 oz, 0.5 oz


Our Spray Bottles are recyclable where commingled packaging is accepted.

Made in the USA.