The SecurSlide offers child-resistant security in a compact, reclosable matchbox as well as in a cartridge size. Featuring our patent-pending squeeze-and-pull design, the SecurSlide is convenient for your infused products, concentrates, mini joints and edible products.

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Rated F=1 child resistant, the highest level of of any multi-dose package on the market, the AssurCard® features an easy-to-use opening for individual dispensing. Custom designed and engineered to your specific product needs, we supply all components and equipment for assembly at your facility. Our efficient, semi-automatic packaging operation allows for extreme customization and superior shelf life for your product.

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The MarBox-CR® is a child-resistant, reclosable, flip-top box featuring a convenient, single-handed opening and a locking tab for extra security. Great for single doses of mints, candies, pre-rolls and more, it’s available in multiple colors, sizes with custom printing.

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The first child-resistant reclosable plastic clamshell, the AssurClam® is great for candies, baked goods, kits, devices and more! Available in stock and custom sizes as well as multiple colors, including clear, to suit your product needs. Manufactured with recycled food-grade plastic.

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The industry’s first child-resistant, scissor-free pouch, the AssurPouch® is made from pharmaceutical-grade foil that provides superior shelf life and keeps your edibles and infused products fresher, longer. Featuring a simple fold-and-tear opening, AssurPouch® allows for quick and easy single-dose access on the go. Stock and custom sizes are available with full-color printing to suit your product needs.

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AssurPro® Carton

With an easy to use, push-and-pull reclosable feature, the AssurPro® Carton is a child-resistant pre-assembled package that requires no machinery. Perfect for your chocolate bars with blister options for capsules, candies, gum and more. Custom printing available.

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Spray Bottles

This easy-to-use spray bottle has both metered dosing and a child-resistant locking feature. Custom colors are available in 0.5, 1 and 2-ounce sizes with both top- and bottom-loading filling options. Made from BPA-free, food-grade plastic.

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