Compliant Packaging for Cartridges and Edibles

  • AssurCard® - Blister Packaging for Cannabis Infused Products
    AssurCard® - Blister Packaging for Cannabis Infused Products
  • AssurCard® - Nature's High edibles
  • AssurCard® - Double Black edibles
  • AssurCard® - Nuggets, Gems
  • AssurCard® - Nuggets, Lozenge
  • AssurCard® - Elefante gummies
  • AssurCard® - Assortment
  • AssurCard® - Assorted Blisters in White and Clear
  • AssurCard® - Essence Cards
  • AssurCard with Dixie Elixirs Disposable Vape Pen
    AssurCard® - Dixie Vape Pen
  • AssurCard® - Blister Packaging for Cannabis Infused Products
    AssurCard® - Dixie Mints
  • AssurCard® with Sunday Goods Edibles - Blister Packaging for Cannabis Infused Products
    AssurCard® - Sunday Goods edibles
  • AssurCard® - AssurPack pre roll packaging

AssurCard® is the ultimate in child-resistant blister packs. The Consumer Product Safety Commision awarded AssurCard® an F=1 rating, which is the highest protection rating for multi unit-dose packaging.

We can custom-design an AssurCard® just for you and provide everything you’ll need to cost-effectively package your product in-house. You’ll notice a significant boost in your production speed. Even better, your customers will notice an increase in your product quality due to the AssurCard® moisture barrier. Perfect for edible packaging and vape cartridge packaging.

  • Patented. Available only at AssurPack®
  • Easy-to-open design with an F=1 rating
  • Blisters available in white, black, and clear
  • High-speed production equipment available
  • BPA-free, food-grade plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • CPSC-certified

Available for edibles, oil cartridges, tablets and capsules, and pre-rolls.

*F=1 is the Highest Child-Resistant Rating according to CPSC and ASTM

  • Made in the USA.
  • Sustainability
    Contains materials certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification™, and the Forest Stewardship Council.™
  • Protect Your Product
    AssurCard® uses high-integrity FSC Certified™ SBS carton board for sustainability and superior product protection.
  • Sustainability - Smaller Footprint
    The compact design takes up less space in shipping, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.