Discover Assurpack’s pre-roll packaging designed to meet the unique needs of evolving cannabis brands. Our airtight preroll packaging offers premium protection with the highest airtightness rating of any package, ensuring the freshness and potency of pre-rolls. We work to bring unique and creative solutions for all packaging types.

Enjoy the convenience of user-friendly features like child-resistant mechanisms and resealable closures. Our packaging complies with industry regulations across the board and reflects our commitment to sustainability. Trust Assurpack for reliable, innovative preroll packaging solutions.


The versatile SecurSlide® is a child-resistant matchbox that opens with a squeeze and closes with a snap. Its durable design lets customers reuse your package again and again. Available in multiple sizes.

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AssurPack AssurSeal product family


AssurSeal® protects freshness and wins the highest airtightness rating in laboratory tests — USP671:Tight. Multiple form factors suit a variety of products. Easy, one-handed opening.

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AssurCard blister packs offer multiple custom options for cannabis edibles, pre-rolls and vapes.


The AssurCard® blister pack is easy to open yet keeps out air for extended shelf life. Custom designs available to enhance your brand. Child-resistant and compatible with direct-pour molding technologies.

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The classic MarBox-CR® is a child-resistant, flip-top box that opens and closes with one hand. Custom inserts make it suitable for many products, and branding options make MarBox-CR® stand out.

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