Experience Assurpack’s commitment to excellence in edibles packaging. Our sustainable edible packaging solutions embody eco-consciousness while ensuring child-resistant protection. Experience the freshness of our AssurSeal®, a lab-certified freshness protector. We work to give you a seal that ensures the edibles you package are the edibles your customer consumes. Trust Assurpack for unique, eco-friendly packaging solutions tailored specifically for edibles.


The versatile SecurSlide® is a child-resistant matchbox that opens with a squeeze and closes with a snap. Its durable design lets customers reuse your package again and again. Available in multiple sizes.

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AssurPack AssurSeal product family


AssurSeal® protects freshness and wins the highest airtightness rating in laboratory tests — USP671:Tight. Multiple form factors suit a variety of products. Easy, one-handed opening.

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Easy-to-open yet child-resistant, the AssurTin® brings the classic mints tin design to cannabis edibles. Durable and branding friendly with shrink wrap and embossing available.

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AssurClam® is the cannabis industry’s first child-resistant clamshell made from recycled food-grade plastic. Cost-effective and easily customized. Black, white, and clear variants complement with optional printed sleeves.

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AssurCard blister packs offer multiple custom options for cannabis edibles, pre-rolls and vapes.


The AssurCard® blister pack is easy to open yet keeps out air for extended shelf life. Custom designs available to enhance your brand. Child-resistant and compatible with direct-pour molding technologies.

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This child-resistant pouch provides tough protection from the elements and is easy to open. No scissors needed — just fold the corner and tear. Ready for serialization printing. Custom and stock sizes.

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SecurSlide® BP

SecurSlide BP® is a hybrid bioplastic matchbox made of 50% wheat resin to cut your carbon footprint in half. The bioplastic is recyclable as a conventional #7 plastic. Child-resistant for compliance.

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AssurPro® Carton

AssurPro Carton® recloses again and again, serving after serving. Most often used for chocolate bars, the child-resistant AssurPro Carton® also works to protect blister packs. Set up and ready to go for production.

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The classic MarBox-CR® is a child-resistant, flip-top box that opens and closes with one hand. Custom inserts make it suitable for many products, and branding options make MarBox-CR® stand out.

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