Child Resistant, Tamper Evident Edibles Packaging

  • AssurPouch® - Assorted sizes for cookies, lotions, mints
  • AssurPouch® - Compliant, Easy-to-Use Infused Product Pouches
    AssurPouch® - examples of custom and standard size printed pouches
  • AssurPouch® - Patented Child Resistant Pouch for Edibles, Patches and More
    AssurPouch® - examples of custom and standard size printed pouches
  • AssurPouch® - Custom printed for Simply High butter & oils and Drench drink mix
  • AssurPouch® - District Edibles lollipop packaging
  • Sustainable Marijuana edible packaging
    AssurPouch® - Canapa minis edibles
  • AssurPouch - Packaging for Marijuana infused products
    AssurPouch® - Elegant Edibles chewable candy

AssurPouch® is the cannabis industry’s first scissors-free pouch for on-the-go use. Our simple design holds the highest child-resistance rating of any pharmaceutical packaging (F=1). Just fold-and-tear the corner for easy dosing.

AssurPouch’s specialized foil keeps your products fresher, longer, and AssurPouch’s bright, full-color printing is sure to please your customers. Stock and custom sizes are available.

  • Patent-pending. Available only at AssurPack®
  • Easy-to-open design with an F=1 rating
  • BPA-free pharmaceutical-grade material
  • Custom sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • CPSC-certified

*F1 is the highest child-resistant rating according to CPSC and ASTM

  • Made in the USA
  • Protect Your Product
    Ultra-minimalistic design eliminates waste while preserving product integrity on a unit-of-use basis
  • Sustainability - Smaller Footprint
    AssurPouchs® pack flat for cost-effective shipping that lowers your carbon footprint.