How Plastic-Eating Bacteria Are Transforming AssurPack®

Most plastic takes hundreds of years to break down or “biodegrade.”  Beverage bottles, discarded electronics, and yes — cannabis packages — fill the world’s landfills and oceans at a rate of over 600 billion pounds per year. Whoa. That’s why we’re working to make your cannabis packaging safer and more sustainable — for consumers who […]

Child-Resistant Packaging Expert to Speak at Cannabis Packaging Conference

AssurPack® Founder and CEO to Speak at Cannabis Packaging Conference April 12-14, 2022, in Anaheim, CA AssurPack® Founder and CEO, Nancy Warner, will be a guest panelist and speaker at the Cannabis Packaging Conference and companion CannPack exhibits April 12-14, 2022, in Anaheim, CA. Nancy Warner started AssurPack® to bring pharmaceutical-grade packaging to the cannabis […]

Custom Cannabis Packaging vs. Stock Packaging

Packaging says a lot about your product. It’s the first thing your new customers see, and for some products, such as pre-rolls, it’s the only distinguishing factor between your product and its competitors. So, you probably want high-end custom cannabis packaging to show off your wares… or do you? Custom packaging can be a huge […]

Cannabis Packaging Regulations in Canada vs. the United States

Following the ever-changing landscape of cannabis legislation is essential for any business. This is particularly true for companies shipping in the U.S. or Canada. The rules vary with starkly different federal circumstances between Canada and the United States.  Currently the United States market is reliant on state-by-state legislation, creating a patchwork of rules to follow. […]

Why The Vape Mail Ban Could Spell Trouble For Cannabis Operators

The December 2020 COVID relief bill, or Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, passed by Congress, contained roughly 5,500 pages of details and legislation. Among them was the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act, or PACT Act. In short, the PACT Act bans the mailing of all vapes, e-cigarette products and their components to consumers. […]

An AssurSeal™ Case Study: Easy-to-Open Packaging with Tough Freshness Protection

Executive Summary Despite the high quality of Natural State Medicinals’ gummies, some dispensaries refused to buy their products. Why? The packaging was difficult to open — and the problem only got worse when their packaging supplier changed production sites. By switching to the patented AssurSeal™ D75 package from AssurPack, Natural State Medicinals realized the following […]

Boveda® Test Results: Airtight Packaging for Cannabis

Premium cannabis is a delicate product.  Terpenes — the aromatic oils that make cannabis taste and smell great — evaporate quickly, leaving behind substandard flower that’s a far cry from what came out of the curing room.  The same is true for cannabinoids. Heat, light, and dry conditions degrade them in a matter of weeks. […]

How to Label Cannabis Products the Easy Way

That task of labeling — the seemingly simple process of applying an accurate, compliant label — poses big problems for cannabis product manufacturers. Manufacturers must navigate the tricky task of labeling themselves, by ordering pre-printed labels in rolls, or they can work with a third-party service provider to have it done for them. But, depending […]

GMP for Cannabis Will Change Everything: Part II

Most cannabis manufacturers acknowledge the importance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for safety. GMPs are the critical standards that ensure product quality and keep consumers safe. Moreover, they recognize how GMP regulations will suddenly apply to the cannabis industry when federal legalization takes hold. Everyone will need to achieve GMP certification — and do so […]

GMP for Cannabis Will Change Everything: Part I

Make no mistake — federal cannabis legalization is coming soon. Yet it won’t be the get-rich party that many cannabis stakeholders envisioned in 2012. Instead, strict new regulations will take hold of the industry, forcing small producers out of business. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) — the standards that assure product quality and safety across many […]