NCIA: Child Resistant Requirements and Challenges

by NCIA’s Packaging and Labeling Committee Nancy Warner, Assurpack; and Rachel Kane, Sure Lock Packaging, Inc. Child Resistant requirements for cannabis products is part of the regulatory structure for almost every state that has legalized marijuana for both medical and adult use. These requirements pose challenges to the entire supply chain from growers, manufacturers, dispensaries and customers. […]

Thinking Outside The Bud Podcast Interview

Nancy Gruskin Warner, is the CEO and founder of Assurpack. Nancy has a degree in package engineering and over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in contract packaging, including expertise with materials, design, function, regulatory compliance and manufacturing. In 2012, Nancy co-founded Mina Pack, a contract packaging company providing specialty unit dose […]

AssurPack CEO Offers Advice On Packaging For Edibles

Growing up, Nancy Gruskin Warner’s father ran Crystal Pure Candy Co. in Chicago. And these days Warner also works in the candy industry — but in a slightly different role. She is the CEO of AssurPack LLC, which makes child-proof packaging for cannabis edibles. She got her start with 30 years in pharmaceutical packaging before […]

Cannabis Packaging: Supplier’s Perspective

While flower is still common, the sheer number of delivery methods is staggering; edibles, transdermal patches and infused products are seeing a rise in popularity. “A lot of medical patients don’t want to smoke the flower, either for health reasons or they’re limited in where they can smoke,” says Wes Mancoff, President of Thomas Packaging. Capsules and […]

Packaging Options for Cannabis Infused Products

Packaging is a huge consideration for cannabis infused product companies both in terms of having a child-proof and safe product but also in terms of maintaining a visible brand identity that resonates with customers. Here to talk with us about packaging in the cannabis industry is Nancy Warner of Assurpack.

Speaker at Women Grow NYC

JUNE 2017 NYC WOMEN GROW SIGNATURE NETWORKING EVENT Women Grow – New York City How to do Cannabusiness Without Touching the Plant Nancy Gruskin Warner is the CEO and founder of Assurpack, a cannabis-focused packaging company. Nancy has a degree in package engineering and has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in pharmaceutical […]

Marijuana Business Magazine, May-June 2017

“They’re first in the market for packaging edibles. They took a pharma approach – but they kept the need to market and brand as food products in mind for edibles manufacturers. Their packaging is very pretty and doesn’t resemble pill bottles.” — Marijuana Business Magazine, May-June 2017

Healthcare Packaging Press

Pharma Packaging Expert Enters Cannabis Industry Entrepreneur Nancy Warner started Assurpack to create creative packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. By Tim Hayes, Contributing Editor A recent New Cannabis Ventures article highlighted a new company called Assurpack, a packaging firm focused on servicing the marijuana industry. The company was started by Nancy Warner, who has spent her entire career […]

New Cannabis Ventures Press

Matthew Kind of CannaInsider interviewed Assurpack founder Nancy Warner, who recently started a packaging firm focused on providing cannabis packaging solutions for primarily infused products manufacturers. While her company is new, Nancy has spent her entire career in packaging after earning a B.S. degree in package engineering from Michigan State and then working within the pharmaceutical industry. Warner […]

NCIA Seed To Sale Speaker

Package Development Process for Launching New Products The Cannabis industry is a new industry with many new products as well as packaging suppliers emerging to support the industry needs. What is often missing is the process of package development, which is as critical as your product development process.  Packaging is often the afterthought and left […]