Why Cannabis Packaging is the First Step in Launching a Cannabis Product Line

For many companies launching a new cannabis product, packaging is an afterthought. While it’s only natural to focus on product quality and marketing when you’re crafting an offering, know that packaging will strongly affect your initial sales — and your long-term success.  Cannabis packaging does more than attract customers. It also influences how your production […]

Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging Technologies and Testing

The cannabis industry is driving demand for innovative child-resistant packaging solutions — and with good reason. Emergency rooms across the country are seeing an increased number of cases of child poisonings from toxic doses of products . Marijuana medicines often take the form of baked goods and candies, so it’s only natural that young children […]

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Cannapreneurs know that being green is more important than ever. Not only does our ailing Earth demand eco-friendly packaging but cannabis consumers do too. Moreover, in today’s oversaturated marketplace, sustainable cannabis packaging can boost your brand and make you stand out. And a commitment to sustainability attracts a very important market segment: Millennials. According to […]