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Introducing AssurCard® Vape

Vape Packaging made for brands, consumers, and retailers.

Welcome to the future of vape packaging, where style meets security, and compliance is guaranteed. Introducing AssurCard® Vape by AssurPack, the ultimate solution for your vaping products. Redefine your brand’s presence in the cannabis industry with packaging that leaves a lasting impression.

Easy Scalability

AssurCard® Vape takes vape packaging to the next level. Made to scale with any size brand or company while keeping you within budget, AssurCard is cost effective with entry orders and builds ROI with quantity through manufacturing efficiencies, shipping cost reduction and maximized inventory.

Effortless Access, Maximum Security

Revolutionize the way vapes are enjoyed. AssurCard® Vape features perforated openings for easy access. With our blister pack, you can create molds for each vape SKU, maintaining a unique fit for proprietary systems and cartridges: no more struggles or wasted time – just seamless enjoyment from opening to puff.

Unmatched Protection

Don’t compromise on the security of your vape products. AssurCard® Vape provides strong construction shields that protect your cartridges from crushing and contaminants. Our molded blister packs showcase your product while ensuring its safety. It’s not just packaging; it’s a shield for your vape products.

Compliance at Its Finest

AssurPack® is committed to compliance, and AssurCard® Vape is no exception. It’s CPSC-certified and meticulously designed to meet all industry and state standards for child-resistant cannabis packaging yet easy to open. Your products stay safe, and your brand stays compliant.

Custom Branding That Speaks Volumes

Leave a lasting impression with personalized branding. AssurCard® Vape provides a canvas for your unique logo and artwork, solidifying your brand identity and helping you stand out in a competitive market. We can also work with you to customize packaging for product fit, unique styles, and different printing options. Use your AssurCard® to showcase other vape cartridges and create distinctive bundles. Make your packaging for vape cartridges shine so your brand never fades into the background.

A Greener Choice

Join the sustainability movement with AssurCard®. Crafted with eco-consciousness in mind and minimal materials used, it reflects your commitment to quality and the environment. Minimal material benefits the environment and your retailer by reducing the amount of storage space needed, shipping fuel cost, etc. Align your brand with environmentally aware consumers while making a positive impact.

Elevate Your Brand with AssurCard® Vape 

Embrace influential and trustworthy vape packaging. Elevate convenience, security, and style, all while ensuring compliance and protecting your products. Join cannabis industry leaders who choose AssurPack® for packaging that genuinely stands out.

Unlock the potential of the new AssurCard® Vape – request a free sample to learn more about this revolutionary vape packaging solution. Elevate your brand, empower your customers, and showcase your commitment to excellence.