AssurTin® is Part of Cycling Frog’s Innovation Story

Building its brand on 100% hemp-derived THC and CBD, Seattle-based Cycling Frog is poised to become a national cannabis leader. The April, 2023 “Innovations in Edibles” issue of Marijuana Venture features Cycling Frog’s “quality-crafted” wintergreen mints in easy-open, child-resistant AssurTin packaging. Cycling Frog aims to produce products that are “approachable, that aren’t overwhelming and allow [users] to experience…

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Sustainable Initiatives Are Lighting Up the Cannabis Industry

Canada’s nationwide packaging recycling program, launched in 2018, was a harbinger of innovation in the packaging space. Across the industry, eco-conscious users, retailers, and dispensaries are supporting next-gen, life cycle cannabis packaging solutions. AssurPack is leading the way with a growing array of reuse/recycle packaging materials designed for low environmental impact and high product freshness.

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The Baby Boomer Generation is Saying OKAY! to Cannabis

According to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, cannabis has become a favored treatment among 65+-year-olds for its naturally calming, relaxing qualities. For older adults, it can be an especially effective sleep aid. In her interview in AARP’s The Ethel, AssurPack’s CEO Nancy Gruskin Warner comments, “Cannabis is…not a cure-all, but it can help…

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Evolution in Packaging – AssurPack Featured in Marijuana Venture

AssurPack AssurSeal - Best Airtight Packaging for Prerolls

What are the keys to building successful cannabis packaging? What moves retail buyers and consumers to select your brand? Marijuana Venture asked industry leader Nancy Gruskin Warner, CEO and Founder of AssurPack, for her take on shelf appeal. Find out how she designs customized solutions that ensure sustainability, recyclability, and childproof protection.

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Cannabis Packaging for Peak Preservation

AssurPack Packaging for Edibles

What’s the secret to locking in the awesomeness of your infused cannabis products? Top-quality packaging, of course! Prepared Foods & Food Engineering featured AssurPack’s CEO, Nancy Warner, in a recent discussion about how packaging materials affect shelf life. See why the packaging materials you choose are critical for customer satisfaction — read Nancy’s feature now:

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MarBox-CR® – The Solution for Garden Society Consumers with Arthritis

MarBox-CR with cannabis pre-rolls

Sonoma County’s Garden Society launched a recyclable plastic box with a flip-lid that opens when pressed. AssurPack Marbox-CR can be reused or recycled. The company has noted that many child-proof packages can be difficult to open – especially for consumers seeking relief for arthritis. The simple press-to-open system solves the problem.

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AssurClam® Featured in Arkansas Times

Arkansas’s medical marijuana patients aren’t just blowing smoke: Many are using the wide variety of edible products created by the state’s cultivators and made available at the state’s 31 open dispensaries. From gummies to chocolates to hard candies, edible products provide an alternative for patients who don’t want to smoke.

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Cannabis Products – How to Choose Child-Resistant Packaging for Cannabis Edibles

Child-resistant packaging plays an important role in preventing young children from accessing cannabis-infused foods and beverages—products that could potentially look appealing to them. But safety isn’t the only factor cannabis-infused food and beverage brands should consider when selecting child-resistant packaging. Shelf life and cost have always been at the top of the list. And environmental…

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