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AssurCard: Level Up Your Cannabis Pre-Roll Experience

Discover the Future of Pre-Roll Packaging

Introducing AssurCard® Multipack by AssurPack® – the pinnacle of brandable, secure, and stylish pre-roll packaging. Redefine your customers’ pre-roll experience with a custom cannabis packaging solution designed to impress at every level.

Unparalleled Cannabis Freshness

AssurCard® reimagines pre-roll packaging. Its sleek, compact design is airtight to ensure the pre-roll you pack is the pre-roll your customer smokes. Say goodbye to run-of-the-mill “doob tubes” – AssurCard® empowers you by giving you reliable packaging that preserves your cannabis product and ensures fresh pre-rolls. Our AssurCard® Multipack edition ensures clean, sealed, and safe joints for your customer. 

Effortless Easy-Open Access

Revolutionize the way pre-rolls are enjoyed. AssurCard® offers perforated openings for easy open access. With our multipack, you can make individual seals and openings for each joint to maintain security and freshness. No more struggles or wasted time – just seamless enjoyment from open to puff. 

CR Protection Beyond Compare

Don’t compromise on cannabis packaging security. AssurCard® provides robust construction shields to keep pre-rolls from crushing, moisture, and contaminants. Our molded blister packs ensure your product is showcased while also protected. It’s not just packaging; it’s a fortress for cannabis freshness and quality.

CR Compliance Perfected

AssurPack® is commitment to compliance. AssurCard® is CPSC-certified and meticulously designed to meet all industry and state standards for child-resistant cannabis packaging. Your products stay safe, and you stay compliant.

Brand Customization That Speaks Louder

Leave a lasting impression with personalized branding. AssurCard® allows a canvas for your unique logo and artwork, solidifying your cannabis brand identity and standing out in a competitive market. Beyond that, we can work with you to customize your packaging for product fit or experimental styles. Use your AssurCard® Multipack as a way to showcase different pre-rolls to make a distinctive bundle.  Make your cannabis products stand out so your brand doesn’t blend in. 

A Greener Cannabis Packaging Choice

Join the sustainability movement. AssurCard® is crafted with eco-conscious materials, reflecting your commitment to quality and the environment. Have your cannabis brand resonate with environmentally aware consumers while making a positive impact.

Elevate Your Brand with AssurCard®:

Embrace effective and trustworthy pre-roll packaging. Elevate convenience, security, and style, all while ensuring compliance and protecting your products. Join cannabis industry leaders who choose AssurPack® for packaging that genuinely stands out.

Unlock the potential of the new AssurCard® Multipack – request a free sample to learn more about this revolutionary multi pre-roll packaging solution. Elevate your brand, empower your customers, and showcase your commitment to excellence.