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Innovative Solution for Automated Cigarette-Style Pre-Rolls

Perfect Fit for Modern Needs

Introducing the AssurSeal® M85, a specialized member of the esteemed AssurSeal® line, meticulously crafted to secure automated cigarette-style pre-rolls and half-gram smaller cone pre-rolls. With its precision engineering, the M85 is the latest solution for preserving the freshness and integrity of more delicate and compact cannabis products.

Accessible and Convenient

Designed to be accessible for all consumers, the M85 was built to be able to open with one hand while remaining child-resistant. We made this as a solution to the chronic opening issue that typically plagues cannabis consumers. Child-resistant doesn’t have to mean inaccessible. 

Customizable and Versatile

The AssurSeal® M85 is not just a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a packaging system that adapts to your specific requirements. We use inserts to give you full custom abilities behind your packaging. These inserts can accommodate multiple counts ranging from 5 to 14 pre-rolls or more, offering a packaging solution tailored to your brand’s needs. This flexibility enhances the consumer experience and product presentation, making the M85 a versatile and practical choice.

Certified Airtight Quality

Rest easy with the M85’s USP 671 test-certified ‘tight’ feature. This certification is a testament to the M85’s superior ability to maintain product freshness from your first to your last pre-roll. With a high air-tightness rating, the M85 ensures that each preroll retains its optimal moisture content and aromatic profile, safeguarding against dryness while sealing in the desired flavors and terpenes, guaranteeing the quality of your product.

Endless Branding Opportunities

Elevate your brand with extensive customization options. The M85 can be personalized through direct printing, labeled, or fitted with stylish paperboard-printed sleeves, available in a variety of custom colors. This array of branding opportunities enables a distinctive market presence and memorable product packaging that resonates with consumers.