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CR Metered Dose Spray Bottles: A Precise Dose

A Top-Shelf Solution for Liquids 

AssurPack®’s Metered Dose Spray Bottles were developed to solve the difficulty of precise dosing of topicals, liquids, and sublingual medical needs while providing consumers with a form factor that allows for quick results. 

Accurate Metered Dosage

The spray bottles are designed with pharma usage in mind but are now available for cannabis use. As with pharmaceutical products, consumers can expect a consistent experience and a precise amount of product with every spray dose. This spray bottle was developed to release the entirety of the product, ensuring consistent delivery every time.

Engineered for Compliance and Protection 

AssurPack® Metered Dose Spray Bottles are made with easy-to-use CPSC-certified child-resistant mechanisms. We also ensured that the locking mechanism prevented accidental product dispensing, making it pocket-friendly and travel-safe. In addition, we have added a tamper-evident feature, a tear-off strip before use, that further protects consumers.

Customization That Speaks

AssurPack® offers custom colors for your bottles to match your brand. While labels are best applied after the product is filled, we can guide you on labeling and any secondary packaging for your brand to stand out.

Elevate Your Brand with AssurPack® Metered Dose Spray Bottles

Stand out from your competition by using a product made to take all the headaches out of using dropper bottles. AssurPack’s spray bottles are sustainable, unique, brandable, and consistent. These bottles can be recycled wherever commingled packaging is accepted. 

We also offer various sizes to meet dosing options: .25, .5, 1, and 2-ounce sizes. Our NEW .25-ounce bottle, requested by our customers, is excellent for trial-size or sample bottles. Work with us to design your spray bottle – request a free sample to learn more about this innovative packaging solution. Empower your customers and showcase your brand with a top-tier spray bottle.