Custom Display Design & Carton Printing

Great Packaging Deserves Great Presentation

Our custom folding cartons for countertop display and retail packaging highlight your brand attributes with special features such as embossing, stamping, and window cutouts. And for a truly sophisticated look, we offer rigid set-up boxes similar to high-end electronics.

AssurPack® engineers design displays for all packaging brands — not just AssurPack® products. We work with you step-by-step through the development stage, prototyping, printing, and manufacturing so your display conveys the quality of your product (while also respecting your budget).

  • Custom carton that holds seeds vial in two sizes with cover flap for Huckleberry Hill Farms
  • Folding cartons
  • AssurPack® Child Resistant Packaging for Marijuana Products
    Set-up box
  • Mountain High Cannabis Edibles in AssurPack®'s Patented Packaging
    Printed sleeve for AssurCard
  • Printed sleeves for Marbox-CR® and SecurSlide® Vape Pen
  • Chill Pills cannabis edibles in AssurPack® packaging
    Custom cartons for AssurCard® packaging
  • SecurSlide® and AssurPack® Cartons with Cannabis Concentrates
    Examples of printed merchandising options for SecurSlide® Matchbox