Cannabis Products – How to Choose Child-Resistant Packaging for Cannabis Edibles

Child-resistant packaging plays an important role in preventing young children from accessing cannabis-infused foods and beverages—products that could potentially look appealing to them.

But safety isn’t the only factor cannabis-infused food and beverage brands should consider when selecting child-resistant packaging. Shelf life and cost have always been at the top of the list. And environmental impact, branding capability, intuitive use, and accessibility by senior consumers are also among the top concerns.

Nancy Gruskin Warner, founder and CEO, AssurPACK LLC, Englewood, CO, says these challenges are what make cannabis packaging such a dynamic field.

“There is more innovation going on in child-resistant designs for the cannabis packaging market than any other market,” says Gruskin Warner. “Child-resistant packaging started in the pharma industry, was very functional, and geared toward high-speed production. The cannabis industry is brand- and design-driven, so this is a new direction for this category of packaging.”