California Goes “Anti-Plastic”

July 14, 2022

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed the biggest anti-plastic bill the US has ever seen.

The new law limits the amount of plastic in packaging and requires all packages to be recyclable by 2032. 

Details of the California SB 54 Packaging Law

  • All single-use packaging must be recyclable or compostable by 2032
  • Packaging designs will contain 25% less plastic
  • 65% of all plastic must be recycled
  • Packaging manufacturers will pick up the tab for recycling in California — shifting the responsibility away from taxpayers. 

SB 54 isn’t just good for the Golden State; experts predict the entire country will experience reductions in plastic waste because of the new law. 

That’s because packaging manufacturers won’t make special packaging just for California. They’re more likely to ship the redesigned Californian packaging nationwide.

AssurPack® is Ready

We’re excited for this change in the packaging industry and glad to say we’re ahead of the game  — most of our package designs are already compliant with California’s upcoming regs.

We’ve been designing with the environment in mind for years, bringing you:

  • AssurClam®: The 100% recycled and recyclable clamshell
  • SecurSlide®: The reusable matchbox with recyclable configurations
  • AssurTin®: The 100% recyclable upright mints tin
  • SecurSlide® BP: The classic SecurSlide with a 50% bioplastic resin

Recyclability is only half the battle — preventing excess plastic is Step #1. That’s why the California law calls out the philosophy our designers have followed for years:

Less is more when it comes to packaging

Lighter, minimalistic packages cost less to produce, less to ship, and take up less space at recycling facilities.

Need an audit of your current packaging strategy?

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