AssurPack’s Cannabis Packaging Innovation Process

How We Innovate Cannabis Packaging

December 11, 2023

As each year turns, more innovation comes into the cannabis industry. New products are being developed, new compounds are being discovered, and changes in regulations make the business of cannabis more dynamic.  Choosing a packaging partner who understands packaging intimately and works to bring innovation to your cannabis brand is tantamount. With cannabis, there are... [continue]

Sustainable, Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging is Top Consideration for All AssurPack Products.

The Next Step in Packaging Sustainability

November 27, 2023

A core tenet of our mission in the cannabis industry is sustainability. Due to a century of prohibition, cultivators have been forced to grow indoors, creating unsustainable practices that strain utilities and water supplies. As the legal industry has grown, new forms of waste have emerged, and packaging has taken the front seat.  But it’s... [continue]

Find the Best Cannabis Packaging Partner

Top 5 Qualities of a Cannabis Packaging Partner

November 13, 2023

Gone are the days of buying your packaging from a nameless manufacturer on a different continent. As the legal cannabis market evolves, so does every facet: legal, manufacturing, marketing, and packaging. As an industry matures, operators must develop relationships with the entities they do business with. They need to be elevated from vendors to partners.... [continue]

AssurPack has in-stock cannabis packaging and helps you maintain proper packaging inventory.

Keep Your Cannabis Brand in Customers’ Hands

October 11, 2023

Just as back-to-school and Halloween shopping seem to begin earlier every year, the push to ready cannabis packaging in time for big consumer sales events like Croptober and the New Year runs on a faster and faster schedule. When it gets down to the wire, and it’s time to ensure your custom-branded packaging arrives in... [continue]

AssurPack is the first to certify as a women-led and owned cannabis business.

AssurPack: The First Certified Women-Owned Cannabis Business

August 30, 2023

In the bustling landscape of the cannabis industry, innovation and vision have become the cornerstones of success. AssurPack® has worked tirelessly to be a beacon of diversity and innovation and was recently recognized and certified as a Women Owned Business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Going a step beyond that, AssurPack is... [continue]

AssurPack® offers customized and branded packaging for your cannabis business

5 Ways to Customize Your Cannabis Packaging: Stand Out with Style

August 3, 2023

In the rapidly growing cannabis industry, finding ways to differentiate your brand and leave a lasting impression on customers is essential. One effective strategy is to customize your cannabis packaging. By tailoring your packaging to reflect your brand’s unique identity, you can attract attention, build brand loyalty, and enhance the overall customer experience. This article... [continue]

The cannabis industry is abuzz with new priorities and fresh thinking. Our team shares insider insights and forecasts trends.

AssurPack Team Shares Customer Goals, Industry Trends

March 8, 2023

The cannabis industry is emerging from a year+ of financial and supply chain challenges. This is a great opportunity to assess the state of the market. We’ve enlisted two insiders from our sales team, Tedi Weitekamp and Terri Westerhaug, to share their insights about the industry priorities and cannabis packaging trends in 2023 and beyond.... [continue]

We’ve Got You Covered

January 5, 2023

Just as back-to-school and Halloween shopping seems to begin earlier every year, the push to ready cannabis packaging in time for big consumer sales events runs on an ever-accelerating schedule. At AssurPack, Lunar New Year inventory planning begins in August. We maintain a full array of cannabis packaging to meet your inventory needs. In the... [continue]

Does Your Cannabis Packaging Partner Have the XX Factor?

November 8, 2022

Planning to attend the big MJBizCon Expo in Las Vegas, November 15-18? Try to predict this: of the 260 packaging exhibitors, how many will be women? According to a recent article in Packaging Digest, packaging engineering continues to be a largely male bastion. With over 2 million manufacturing jobs likely to be ripe and ready... [continue]

Private Labeling CBD Products for Easy Sales

April 28, 2021

Global sales of CBD are expected to hit $5.3 billion in 2025. But tapping into the CBD opportunity is no easy task. Product formulation and manufacturing require significant capital — even in the case of the simplest CBD products. Enter private labeling. CBD private labeling is a reselling strategy that outsources product creation to a... [continue]