We’ve Got You Covered

January 5, 2023

Just as back-to-school and Halloween shopping seems to begin earlier every year, the push to ready cannabis packaging in time for big consumer sales events runs on an ever-accelerating schedule. At AssurPack, Lunar New Year inventory planning begins in August. We maintain a full array of cannabis packaging to meet your inventory needs. In the busy months leading up to the January celebration and closures, we help our customers predict their holiday replenishment schedules and formulate plans for successful selling seasons, Q1 and beyond.

One approach that we often recommend is stock packaging. AssurPack manages an inventory of the highest quality, child-safe, freshness-guaranteed, off-the-shelf cannabis packaging options for edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, and more. Companies of all sizes seek out our stock solutions. Just-in-time delivery benefits their bottom line and takes the worry out of holiday preparation. Our customers are always well stocked—and restocked—because we are.  

Stock cannabis packaging offers a range of distinct advantages:

* You can purchase just what you need, easing the pressure of cash flow.

* Each of our packaging solutions can be designed to elevate your cannabis brand, boost shelf appeal, and look completely customized for the holidays or any occasion.

* Speaking of branded design, our decorating capabilities are second to none. Plus, all credit to our in-house team, we provide custom display and folding cartons for point-of-sale engagement.  

* Ordering is flexible. This is especially important in an industry in which the unexpected is the norm. In the best of times, predicting future demand for cannabis products is quite a challenge.

* Our always-stocked stock inventory frees you from concern about supply chain disruptions like the ones that rocked the industry in 2021.  

AssurPack CEO Nancy Gruskin Warner adds, “We work very hard to predict our customers’ demands and manage our own inventory levels. It’s a balancing act that we spend time with every day and week of the year. Being the go-to resource means that we’re always ready for the next call.”  

Once again this year, AssurPack has secured packaging inventories and relieved much stress in the lead-up to Lunar New Year 2023. While most of our customers prefer our hallmark custom cannabis packaging, those who benefit from our stock solutions know that they are offering their own customers the top-rated, easiest-to-use cannabis packaging available. 

Want cannabis packaging that can be opened with one hand? How about patented stay-fresh packaging that leads the industry in air-tightness certification? Want a partner committed to maximizing your inventory? 

We’ve got you covered. 

Happy Lunar New Year from AssurPack!

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