Marijuana Packaging FAQs

Can you customize my cannabis packaging with my company’s branding?
Yes. You can dress-up our patented designs to perfectly match your brand. We provide an easy-to-use template. Your graphic designer does the rest.
What if I want a custom-shaped packaging design that’s specific to my product?
Our packaging engineers can make it happen. We work with you to select functional materials that meet your needs for compliance, cost-efficacy, and aesthetics.
What’s your lead time for new customers?
We inventory our injection-molded products; they’re available within days. Custom-order requests require 4-8 weeks for completion.
Do you have edible packaging that’s not plastic?

Since 2014, AssurPack has been the industry leader in sustainable package design. We use bioplastics, BPA-free plastics, and carton board that’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Most of our products are recycled or recyclable.

The cannabis industry is pushing the envelope of sustainable packaging, and current technologies struggle to meet the desire for ultra-low environmental impact. Infused-product manufacturers are forced to compromise between product freshness and environmental ethics. That’s why our engineers continue to develop new products — like the BP SecurSlide® — that minimize or eliminate conventional plastic while maintaining product quality.

Is your marijuana packaging biodegradable?
Few packaging materials are biodegradable. However, the term “biodegradable” means specific things in the world of packaging. If a packaging supplier tells you their packaging is fully biodegradable or rated as biodegradable, they’re probably referring to its biodegradability in an industrial composting plant — not a backyard garden. At AssurPack, we strive to provide factual information about packaging sustainability. Click here to learn more.
How do I know if my cannabis packaging is compliant with regulations?
All AssurPack products meet CPSC standards per 16 CFR 1700.20. In addition, our unit dose packaging is rated F=1 child-resistant. These are the most stringent pharmaceutical standards but — as always in the cannabis industry — it’s important to check your local requirements. Our representatives can help.
What does CPSC-certified mean?
CPSC certification means that a product meets the requirements of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and has been reviewed by a CPSC-accepted laboratory. For packaging products, that means it complies with the relevant standards in the 1970 Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA, 16 CFR 1700.20).
What’s F=1 child resistance? What’s the difference between single-use and multiple-use child-resistant packaging?
Let’s take the example of a multi-unit blister pack of eight gummies. Each of those eight doses has it’s own child-resistant opening feature. So, our packaging is rated F=1, meaning that if the child can open one dose, it’s considered a failure. That’s the highest, most protective rating for unit-dose packaging.
Can your blister packs be used as molds for my edibles?
Yes, our edible packaging can serve as a direct mold for your product. Molding your product in the blister pack saves significant time and money. AssurPack blisters have the highest possible rating (F=1) from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Do you sell the heat sealing equipment for my blister packs?
Yes. We can supply you with a compatible heat sealer for cost-effective on-site production.
Where do you ship?
Our products ship to the United States and Canada.
What are my next steps?
Contact an AssurPack representative now. They can provide you with product samples and more information about working with AssurPack.