CannaInsider: New Cannabis Ventures Interview

Nancy Warner, AssurPack Founder

Matthew Kind of CannaInsider interviewed Assurpack founder Nancy Warner, who recently started a packaging firm focused on providing cannabis packaging solutions for primarily infused products manufacturers. While her company is new, Nancy has spent her entire career in packaging after earning a B.S. degree in package engineering from Michigan State and then working within the pharmaceutical industry. Warner […]

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Packaging Options for Cannabis Infused Products


CannaInsider: Interview with Nancy Warner the founder of Nancy leveraged her background in pharmaceutical packaging to bring child-safe packaging and automation to the cannabis industry. Key Takeaways: [2:08] – What is Assurpack [2:31] – Nancy talks about her background [4:52] – High-level overview of where product packaging is in the cannabis space [5:44] – Nancy talks about what […]

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