AssurPack CEO Offers Advice On Packaging For Edibles

Growing up, Nancy Gruskin Warner’s father ran Crystal Pure Candy Co. in Chicago. And these days Warner also works in the candy industry — but in a slightly different role. She is the CEO of AssurPack LLC, which makes child-proof packaging for cannabis edibles.

She got her start with 30 years in pharmaceutical packaging before bringing her expertise in package engineering and compliance regulation to the cannabis industry.

Since 2013, the company has been forging a path in compliant child-resistant packaging for medical and recreational cannabis items with its innovative, patented products, helping to shape regulations for an emerging market.

In addition to custom and stock packaging, AssurPack offers materials, packaging components, processes and scalable equipment to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Warner recently took some time to talk about how her products make edibles safer, how she thinks the industry should respond to cannabis confections, and the advice she’d give to confectionery companies looking to enter the market.