Raconteur – Five Brands Boosting Creative Packaging Design

Packaging and marketing have been essential to building brands in entirely new and mind-boggling categories, such as edibles, topicals and concentrates.

Indeed, Canadian research found that brand visibility bolsters consumer confidence in cannabis products, with two thirds of consumers finding branded products more reassuring than plain packaged.

At the same time, brands have had to comply with medicinal-level regulations. In Colorado and California, products must be child safe and tamper evident propelling packaging design companies to think creatively about making products both eye-catching and safe.

Assurpak has rode the wave by developing an array of child-resistant, customisable, US Consumer Product Safety Commission-certified and bisphenol A-free formats, including pouches, cartons, spray bottles, boxes and blister cards, for some of the industry’s largest players, such as Organa Brands.