Sales Down? Do This Now

June 16, 2022

It’s not just you . . .

The whole cannabis industry is in a sales slump.

Dispensary revenue is down across most markets, and retailers are selling off excess inventory at deep discounts.

According to the research firm, the average discount on adult-use cannabis more than doubled in the last five years, jumping to 15% in nine key states.

So, if your sales are down and you’re flushed with backstock . . .

Should You Jump on the Discounting Bandwagon?

Think twice.

Strategic discounting is a great way to accelerate slow-moving SKUs. But taken to its extreme (think: 20% off all flower), discounting does you a disservice

Obviously, discounts lower your margins. They can also impact your reputation and your product’s perceived value.

Customers who expect regular discounts may wait to buy until the next price drop — and no retailer wants that!

Solution: A Fresh Take on Inventory Management

If you’re swamped with aging products — yes, you should absolutely discount your slowest-moving SKUs. (Also, reconsider your stock levels.)

But make sure to take a second look at your packaging strategy, too.
Airtight packaging greatly enhances the shelf-life of sensitive products like flower and boutique edibles.

A longer shelf life gives you more wiggle room in your stock turnover. And it removes the pressure to offer discounts based on aging stock.

AssurSeal®: The Lab-Tested Freshness Protector

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