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How to Plan for a Happy 4/20

March 27, 2023

Our favorite holiday is right around the corner. 4/20 has become a massive worldwide celebration of cannabis culture. With retail dispensaries and their customers gearing up to mark milestones in the growing legalization movement, AssurPack® offers some tips on planning the ultimate 4/20:

1. Go bold.

4/20 is an opportunity for pull-out-all-the-stops retail experiences. The cannabis consumer is no longer a marketplace outlier. Diverse, creative, and ready to celebrate, cannabis enthusiasts are expected to break sales records during this year’s 4/20 holiday. Businesses who go big and festive on 4/20 will set the stage for greater successes all year long.  

2. Get compliant.

Now is a great time to review the status of cannabis packaging legislation in your sales location(s). Is your staff up on the latest regulations? Is your packaging child-resistant? Does it conform to CPSC lab certification?  

AssurPack®’s design engineers lead the industry in child-resistant cannabis packaging. We invite you to review the benefits of easy-open, child-resistant packaging with our videos and to reach out to our sales team for guidance on compliant packaging solutions. 

3. Stock up.

Get ready by prepping your inventory and back stock. Take a look back at last year’s 4/20. Did you sell out? Did you leave sales behind because of unbalanced inventory? Were you reluctant to build ample reserves over concerns about shelf life?

AssurPack® is your partner for flexible inventory management. Our customers count on our always-ready stock cannabis packaging options. Plus, with products like our AssurSeal®, which carries the highest rating for airtightness in the cannabis industry, shelf freshness is a given. 

4. Spotlight sustainability.

Share and educate your customers about your eco-friendly packaging choices. Having their attention on the annual cannabis holiday is a great chance to showcase your commitment to the values and practices that cannabis users overwhelmingly care about. 

Going green means selecting cannabis packaging solutions that reflect the highest sustainability standards. AssurPack is leading the way with materials and processes that enhance biodegradation, minimize waste, and help protect the environment. 

5. Build your brand.

Holidays are a great time to test new branding and marketing strategies. Your 4/20 ingenuity may result in your most important new product extensions and packaging innovations. How about a custom sleeve that targets new customer bases? Or a special graphic that raises the bar on customer recognition and loyalty?  

AssurPack® can help guide you to the best custom cannabis packaging options for your products. 

6. Share your 4/20 success stories.

Our cannabis partners astound us with their plans for the big day. They’re building 4/20 Day point-of-purchase displays and conducting community events. They’re creating contests, offering sales incentives, and providing free samples for their staffs. They’re looking to this happy holiday as a great time to educate and learn from their own customers…and to celebrate!

Let’s plan for your best 4/20 ever! 

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