AssurPack shares Cannabis Packaging Trends for 2024

New Year, New Cannabis Trends

January 15, 2024

The sun has set on 2023, and we enter the new year with 24 states fully legalized and 15 states with legalized medical use. New cannabis products and brands hit the market daily, affecting the legal landscape. 

Based on what we’ve seen in the market, we’re going to break down the coming trends for 2024 and what you should expect in the new year from cannabis:

Product Communication: Now More Than Ever

Innovation plays a significant part in cannabis consumption, namely how products are communicated to customers. Regarding consumers knowing your product, the two main education points are budtenders and your packaging. Effective labeling and branding communicate the effect-state your consumer wants while showcasing your brand. As we move into a new age of cannabis products and usage, consumers are more focused on the specific effects they’ll experience, which means brands need to step their game up with branding and labeling. 

Your packaging is your billboard; it’s your way to let the customer know who you are, what you stand for, and what your product provides. Having tailored product lines and labels to give different effect states helps your customers decide when dealing with retail overwhelm. 

Premium Product Segments Will Keep Growing

Data shows that vape and flower products are still the dominating forces in the market, but new subcategories continue to grow and take share. Typically, we’ve seen pre-rolls as a category that holds share and consumers love, but it’s slowly been outpaced by infused pre-rolls. Infused pre-rolls make up 52% of total pre-roll category sales. Seeing this trend emerge, AssurPack® has been committed to providing customers with multiple pre-roll options. In keeping with these innovations, AssurPack developed a multi-pack blister to enable your brand to make variety packs of pre-rolls. All of our cannabis pre-roll packaging is child-resistant and can be airtight. From multi-packs to single pre-roll packs, we provide great packaging solutions you need to expand your product lineup. 

Use of Automation Will Grow

As cannabis companies continue to scale and refine their processes, they must invest in technology and innovation that keeps them ahead of the larger marketplace. 2024 will see companies looking for efficiencies to cut their cost of goods and services, they’ll start turning to cannabis packaging automation to reduce their labor costs and improve ROI. Although automation is a significant capital investment upfront, companies are realizing these investments pay dividends over time and significantly improve their bottom line. 

Robotics and machinery companies have provided these operators with automation for various uses: filling and assembly of packaging, loading and packing pre-rolls.AssurPack® works with a network of partners to enable automation for any of your needs. We work to bring you a functional, scalable, and effective network of equipment manufacturers from the pharma industry to provide these solutions. 

Freshness as a Necessity

Now more than ever, companies in cannabis need to focus on using effective and purpose-built airtight packaging. Using oxygen and ethylene absorbers and moisture regulators help to preserve the quality of your product as well as retain the weight of your product so you don’t lose margin. Moisture transmission rates are an important factor when considering packaging for your cannabis products. AssurPack® offers airtight options for any product form factor, whether it’s edibles, pre-rolls, or flower. 

Investing in innovation and working to understand and apply the trends you see in the market is essential to surviving in the current environment and ensuring your brand thrives. Part of that innovation includes the use of premium cannabis packaging with ample brand messaging for each product you’re presenting to the market. 

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