Gen Z Cannabis Purchasing Trends

June 14, 2023

Younger generations are buying cannabis at a higher rate and in higher quantities than older generations. Millennials and Gen Z shoppers approach their cannabis experience differently than Gen X and Boomers. Long gone are the days of buying eighths in a plastic-wrapped ball. Now consumers have options and want differentiation.

Gen Z and Millenials are more open to other forms of consumption, embracing alternative beverages, being more interested in experiential purchases, and looking to put their dollars toward sustainable products. Eco-friendly cannabis packaging is a good practice that also benefits your brand image and elevates the status of your business.

Open to options

Younger users are open to a broader range of consumption methods, emphasizing a shift from flower products to vapes and dabbable concentrates. The significance of this lies in the fact that flower is still a more significant percentage of purchases than any other category, clocking in at 40.7%, but it’s getting smaller yearly. New consumption methods are introduced to consumers, and the next generation will adopt different ways of consuming, giving a market share to delivery methods like sublingual, concentrates, and topicals.

With these options, Gen Z wants to spend money on experiences rather than buying objects. Cannabis lounges and events will be a growing segment where consumers spend their time and money. We could see a shift in young people substituting bars for lounges and alcohol for cannabis beverages. 

Demand for Sustainability

Not only does this next generation want different consumption methods, but they also wish for more environmentally sustainable cannabis packaging options. Sustainable compliant packaging will be essential to this generation because they value environmental stewardship. AssurPack® is committed to making sustainable cannabis packaging a staple in the industry with our BioSphere technology, which attracts microbes that eat plastics. 

Across all industries, especially consumer packaged goods, brands aligning with sustainability and social causes will attract younger consumers. 73% of millennials have altered their purchasing habits to support the environment, and 63% of Gen Z consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a brand that contributes to social causes. Work with us to build that image with branded cannabis packaging.

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