3 Reasons to Choose AssurCard® Vape Packaging

September 22, 2023

In the dynamic world of vape products, standing out is key. With several different product variations, ranging from distillate to rosin, how will you make your vapes different from the herd? 

Introducing AssurCard® Vape Packaging – the premier choice for those seeking exceptional packaging that not only complies with regulations but also caters to cannabis retailers and brands. Whether you’re a consumer, retailer, or brand owner, AssurCard® has something for everyone.

Brandable: Made to Display and Resonate at Scale

Branding is the soul of any successful business. AssurCard® for vapes doesn’t just protect your products; it enhances your brand presence. With ample space for branding elements, you can effortlessly communicate your voice and image and give you a billboard to connect with your audience on a deeper level. This packaging is more than just a shell; it’s a canvas for your brand’s story and compliance.

AssurCard® Vape Packaging provides a holistic solution, balancing safety, branding, and practicality. Uplift your cannabis products with packaging that resonates with your audience and meets all the necessary requirements yet easy to open without scissors. If you’re a retailer aiming for efficiency or a cannabis brand striving for recognition, AssurCard® Vape Packaging is your perfect partner on this journey.

Scalable: Grow With Size, Sustainably

With AssurCard®, it’s made to be clean, compliant, and sustainable at scale. We made this product to be an effective solution for both retailers and brands in a way that benefits everyone. With minimal material usage, AssurCard uses less, maximizes space, and ships efficiently. Along with scalable, AssurCard has the potential to work with automation to drive your costs even lower as your volume grows. The scalability for ordering large volumes at a lower cost ensures that your packaging is consistent and cost-conscious as your brand grows. 

Sustainability is a core component of AssurPack’s packaging philosophy, not only to stay compliant in certain regulatory environments but also because we know that cannabis packaging is notoriously wasteful. The only way to make change is to take the initiative and be that change with a lower carbon footprint.

Merchandisable: Optimized For Shelf Space

Running a cannabis dispensary means managing inventory effectively. AssurCard® Vape Packaging understands this challenge and offers an eco-friendly solution. This packaging optimizes your storage space with minimal material usage, ensuring more room for a diverse product range. This packaging is made to display with hanger holes that allow for seamless integration into retail settings, making it a breeze for your customers to explore and choose products. Taking it even one step further, our new AssurCard format has extended space for your branding, giving you more space to tell your brand’s story.

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