Airtight Cigarette Style Pre Roll Packaging from AssurPack

Introducing the AssurSeal M85: Innovative Cigarette Style Pre Roll Packaging

June 4, 2024

AssurPack is excited to unveil our latest innovation: the AssurSeal® M85. This new packaging solution is crafted to meet the new cannabis trend of automated cigarette-style pre rolls. The AssurSeal® M85 will not only maximize your packaged quantities, but keeps your product fresh, catches the eye of discerning consumers, and works for you to make the most of your pre-roll selection.

Customization at Its Best

The AssurSeal® M85 is more than just a packaging option—it’s a part of versatile solutions tailored to the cannabis industry’s automation and diverse needs. With inserts that can adjust for counts from 5 to 14 pre rolls or more, this packaging can adapt to various product volumes, making it ideal for brands that value flexibility and scalability or have different lines of value they’re looking to bring customers. With double-digit growth in the pre-roll sector across the US and Canada, it’s essential to understand that customers will start looking for options with multiple pre rolls instead of the singular tubes that have been prevalent in the market.

Customization doesn’t stop at capacity. The M85 offers numerous branding opportunities, from direct printing and labels to fully customizable paperboard-printed sleeves. Choose from various custom colors to align with your brand identity, ensuring your products stand out to consumers in a competitive marketplace.

Certified Fresh, Safe, Yet Easy To Open

The AssurSeal® M85’s commitment to quality and safety sets it apart. This USP 671: Tight test-certified packaging line offers unparalleled freshness protection by locking out dryness and sealing in terpenes. This means your products maintain quality and integrity from the first preroll to the last, making your customers even more likely to keep them for future preroll use and have a billboard of your brand in their pocket.

Safety is also a top priority. The M85 features a child-resistant design that meets stringent safety standards without sacrificing user-friendliness. Consumers will appreciate the simple, one-handed opening mechanism, which provides convenience while ensuring the contents are secure from unintended access.

Sustainability and Efficiency

AssurPack is committed to sustainability, and the M85 is designed with the environment in mind. The use of Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) perfectly balances sustainability, security, and functionality for your packaging needs. The compact design also optimizes shipping and storage, reducing your carbon footprint and enhancing supply chain efficiency. At AssurPack, we view sustainability as a holistic process. Better-engineered packaging should help reduce carbon footprint from an operational and material standpoint.

We work to bring you end-to-end packaging solutions that meet Cannabis Industry trends. Whether you’re rolling out a new automated cigarette style pre rolls or offering unique multip-pack options, request samples to see what our M85 is all about!