Unlocking Safety: Child-Resistant Packaging with Accessible Ease

June 28, 2023

In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, accessible packaging plays a crucial role in meeting the diverse needs of consumers. From medical patients seeking relief from ailments like arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s to recreational users, the demand for packaging that combines safety with easy to open features is rising. There’s a delicate balance between accessibility and safety of packaging, highlighting the importance of child resistant packaging while ensuring convenience for individuals with mobility challenges.

Importance of Accessibility

Accessible packaging goes beyond aesthetics; it focuses on creating a user-friendly experience for diverse consumers. By designing packaging that accommodates various needs, such as medical patients or individuals with mobility challenges, cannabis brands can enhance convenience and inclusivity. Accessible packaging allows for easy product retrieval, effortless opening, and secure storage, ultimately improving overall customer satisfaction.

Child-Resistant Design

Child-resistant design plays a vital role in cannabis packaging, incorporating various mechanisms such as push-and-turn caps, squeeze-and-slide closures, and locks to prevent accidental access by children. Child resistant packaging testing consists of children aged between 42 and 51 months. For packaging to pass, it must demonstrate that at least 80% of the children in the panel are unable to open it during a 10-minute testing period. 

While these features are crucial for safety, brands face the challenge of striking a balance between user-friendly accessibility and maintaining child-resistant integrity. It requires careful design and thorough testing to create packaging solutions that prioritize safety and convenience, ensuring that cannabis products remain securely stored while remaining easy to open for adult users.

Innovations in Accessible Packaging

The cannabis industry has witnessed significant advancements in innovative child resistant packaging designs prioritizing accessibility. Ergonomic designs, easy-grip features, and intuitive opening mechanisms are just a few examples of innovations that enhance user convenience. These packaging solutions cater to different user needs and reflect positively on brand perception and customer satisfaction. AssurPack works to make sure our child resistant containers are compliant across all legal states and accessible to its customer base.

Your Cannabis Brand and Accessible CR Packaging

In an industry driven by innovation and compliance, cannabis packaging serves the dual purpose of ensuring safety and enhancing accessibility. By recognizing the importance of child-resistant features and user-friendly design, brands can create packaging solutions that meet regulatory requirements while providing consumers with a seamless and inclusive experience. Embracing innovative packaging solutions and prioritizing safety will contribute to our industry’s continued growth and responsible development. 

Work with AssurPack to unlock the potential of child-proof yet accessible packaging for a safer, sustainable, and more inclusive future.

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