AssurPack’s CR Metered Dose Spray Bottles for the Cannabis Industry

AssurPack® Metered Dose Spray Bottles

January 22, 2024

With oral delivery systems in cannabis, there tends to be an innovation gap. There have been tinctures, inhalers, and sublingual tabs, each with strengths and weaknesses. AssurPack® brings you our spray bottle, introducing a new 0.25 ML size to give you complete options for oral spray sizing.  

Precision in Every Pump: A Dose of Reliability

Say goodbye to guesswork! AssurPack®’s spray bottles are engineered for exact dosage, ensuring consistent and reliable dispensing for every application. Initially designed for pharmaceuticals, these bottles now bring their precise dosing capabilities to the cannabis industry, offering an accurate experience with every spray. Manufacturers can adjust the amount sprayed by changing the viscosity of the oil made. 

Safety First: Child-Resistant, Adult Approved

These bottles aren’t just smart; they’re safe. Made with a CPSC-certified child-resistant mechanism, they marry safety and simplicity. The locking feature is a game-changer, eliminating accidental spills and making them perfect companions for on-the-go lifestyles. In addition, these bottles provide a tamper evident feature into the design.

Elevating Brands, One Spray at a Time

AssurPack® knows your brand is unique, and your packaging should be too. Customize these bottles to match your brand. With guidance on labeling and packaging, your product won’t just stand out; it’ll speak volumes. Break away from the dropper bottle dilemma and enter a world of accuracy, safety, and style. Explore new, improved liquid solutions with AssurPack® Metered Dose Spray Bottles

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