AssurPack® Launches Child-Resistant Packaging for Preroll Multi-Packs

November 12, 2020

The SecurSlide® MatchBox 4 provides regulatory compliance, quick branding

AssurPack® LLC, the leading supplier of child-resistant packaging for cannabis products, today announced the arrival of the SecurSlide® MatchBox 4, an easy-to-use package designed especially for cannabis prerolls.

Prerolls are popular with adult-use cannabis consumers. As adult-use legalization expands to four new states in the coming year, the demand for prerolls — and preroll packaging — is expected to increase.

A Patented New Design

The patented matchbox fits five prerolls and holds them in place with fluted partitions. The box’s squeeze-and-slide drawer creates a child-resistant enclosure that is easy-to-open, reusable, and allows for quick branding with an adhesive label.

“The SecurSlide® MatchBox 4 will help meet the industry’s increasing demand for prerolls and preroll packaging,” said AssurPack® CEO and founder Nancy Warner. “Its patented design is universally compliant with state cannabis regulations. It’s tested and certified to meet US Consumer Products and Safety Commision standards for child resistant packaging.”

The US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) sets rigorous standards and testing protocols for consumer-goods packaging to certify that children cannot access dangerous products or pharmaceuticals. To achieve compliance with the CPSC requirements, AssurPack® designed the SecurSlide® mechanism to open when the user squeezes the rear portion of the box. When the user reinserts the drawer, the mechanism snaps closed, allowing the SecurSlide® to maintain child-resistance through multiple uses.

Reusable and Sustainable

Prior iterations of the SecurSlide® (which are sized for edibles, concentrates, and vaporizer cartridges) have been popular with consumers because of the box’s ruggedness, reusability, and ease of use. Reusable packaging offers the ultimate in sustainability.

“If customers save the SecurSlide® for future reuse, we achieve our mission of environmental sustainability,” says Warner. “And when the time comes for the package’s disposal, the SecurSlide® recycles as a #6 plastic.”

The SecurSlide® MatchBox 4 is stocked and ready for shipment in low minimum order quantities. Its polystyrene exterior also enables direct printing.

“We recognize our clients’ need to stay cost competitive, and engineer our products accordingly. The SecurSlide® is designed to support lean manufacturing which helps keep costs down,” says Warner.

For more information about AssurPack® or the SecurSlide® MatchBox 4, contact the AssurPack® team at or call
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