AssurPack AssurClam offers unique, cost-effective, clamshell packaging solutions for cannabis products.

AssurClam®: The Best Packaging for Unique Cannabis Products

May 13, 2024

With an endless pipeline of innovation ahead of the cannabis industry, there needs to be packaging that can match that speed. Our AssurClam® clam shell packaging offers a comprehensive solution with its innovative CR design, eco-friendly materials, and multiple size and shape options. Here’s why it’s a standout option for cannabis packaging:

A Package for All Cannabis

AssurClam® is versatile enough to fit a wide range of cannabis products at a competitive cost. Various shape and size dimensions make it perfect for packaging cannabis chocolate bars, bakery items, vapes, syringes, bath bombs, and most other products. With 14 stock sizes and various colors, AssurClam® can meet the diverse needs of any unique product while offering multiple CR packaging solutions.

Clam Shell Customization Perfection

AssurClam® offers a high level of customization, allowing companies to tailor the packaging to their specific products. The clamshell design can be customized with inserts to securely hold various products in place, ensuring they stay intact during transport, storage, and on the retail shelves. This versatility ensures optimal customer experience with any cannabis product. Along with ample space for branding and messaging, the AssurClam® can also have custom-printed sleeves or cartons to maximize your messaging to your audience.

Child-Resistant Design

Safety is the top priority when it comes to cannabis packaging, and AssurClam® is designed to meet strict child-resistant standards. The patented design ensures that children can’t easily access the contents, providing both companies and consumers peace of mind. This makes it an excellent choice for products like are appealing to young children and where child safety is crucial.


AssurClam® is made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET) derived from recycled plastics. This reduces waste and allows the packaging to be recycled again after use, promoting a closed-loop recycling system. Our clam shell packaging is plastic #1, widely accepted at recycling facilities, making it an eco-conscious choice for cannabis companies looking to minimize their carbon footprint.

The compact design of AssurClam® means it takes up less space during shipping, reducing the overall carbon footprint. This can lead to cost savings and a minor environmental impact, aligning with the sustainability goals of AssurPack® and the industry’s future.

If you’re looking to introduce new, unique cannabis products or want to improve your cannabis packaging with a focus on sustainability and safety, AssurClam® is just what you need. With its recycled materials, child-resistant design, and customization options, it’s a packaging solution that addresses the critical concerns of the cannabis industry while also supporting environmental sustainability.

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