Eco-friendly packaging says a lot about your brand.

Choosing the Best Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Materials

March 15, 2023

For all the right reasons, consumers are increasingly evaluating the products they buy through a green lens. The call for environmentally friendly options is soaring; according to a recent study reported in Business News Daily, consumers across all demographics are basing purchasing decisions on responsible growing practices, eco-efficient manufacturing, and sustainable packaging. 

The research reports a 71% rise in online searches for sustainable goods globally, with 72% of survey respondents saying that they are actively buying more environmentally friendly products than they did five years ago. An overwhelming majority is willing to pay more for sustainability.  

In the cannabis industry, customers, manufacturers, and regulators are united in ranking sustainable packaging as Goal #1. With over 79% of U.S. cannabis consumers supporting responsible environmental standards, sustainable cannabis packaging has evolved from a unique brand feature to an absolute business imperative. 

The opportunity is clear: there’s never been a better time to go green with your branded cannabis packaging. The challenge for cannabis dispensariesSee our  and distributors is to choose from a growing array of sustainable/compostable/recycled/recyclable options. 

Step #1: Know Your Cannabis Packaging Needs

Developing a best practice cannabis packaging strategy begins with taking stock of the fundamentals. Knowing your product types, selling environments, and target markets leads will lead you to first consider:

         – What are your state regulations for child-resistant and airtight cannabis packaging?

         – What are your budgetary and inventory parameters? 

         – What role does packaging play in boosting your cannabis brand? Is there room for

With this information in hand, you can begin to explore the best materials to meet your products’ quality—and sustainability—needs. You’ll be doing your part to reduce environmental impact through the entire life cycle—from raw material production and distribution to consumer use, all the way through the end stages of composting, reuse, and/or recycling. 

Step #2: Know Your Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Materials

Eco-friendly cannabis packaging materials are designed, produced, transported, and disposed of for sustainability. But what seems to be the “greenest” option may not be sustainable at all. Many factors need to be considered, including packaging material, weight, distance traveled from supplier to manufacturer, water and energy usage, and more. 

Sustainable packaging can be:

Compostable: made from renewable, plant-based materials and/or biopolymers that break down within at least 90-180 days in commercial composting conditions.

Reusable: designed expressly for second, third, and more lives.

Recycled: sourced from plastics that have been reprocessed at recycling facilities and given a second life.  

Designed to be lightweight to reduce shipping costs, durable to protect delicate products, and adaptable to convey your brand with distinction, cannabis packaging material options are varied: 

Bioplastics/biofilm are made from renewable plant-based resources and offer flexible, lightweight, compostability. Yet some bioplastics only degrade under specific conditions and require specialized composting facilities. 

Recycled paper/cardboard, made from renewable resources, is lightweight, recyclable, and compostable.

Glass is reusable and recyclable, but heavier and fragile.

Metal has strength and reuse advantages. It can add extra weight and cause product reactions, including rust. 

Recycled plastic offers flexible, strong, and waterproof protection, but it may not be fully biodegradable.

Add to that a growing array of innovative bamboo, hemp, cellulose, sugarcane, even mushroom-based materials that are entering the market every day. 

Step #3: Cannabis Packaging Design for Smart Sustainability 

Selecting the right renewable, recyclable materials has a tremendous impact on your company, your brand, and our planet. Smart eco design is just as important. At AssurPack, we think big and design small, using the minimum amount of materials possible. 

Our packaging solutions are durable; they can be repurposed, refilled, and/or returned. In fact, our attractive packaging encourages reuse and creative repurposing. Our travel-size containers are precisely engineered for efficient use of space and product protection. 

Assurpack is working toward using PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) in as many of our packages as possible. Our packaging engineers are constantly seeking opportunities to utilize bioplastic materials like the wheat-based plastic you’ll find in the SecurSlide® BP. Wheat-based bioplastic dramatically reduces carbon emissions. When the time comes for disposal, it recycles as a normal #7 plastic. 

We were one of the first in the industry to adopt food-safe, non-toxic BioSphere® in the manufacturing of our AssurSeal® and SecurSlide® packaging. The innovative BioSphere additive triggers over 600 different types of microbes that digest the plastic as it breaks down complex polymer chains for faster, more effective composting. 

AssurPack leads the industry in its commitment to environmental stewardship. We’ll continue to source, test, and employ sustainable materials that minimize packaging waste and protect our environment, all while keeping your cannabis products fresh.

Our team can help you select the best sustainable packaging for your cannabis products. Find out what smart sustainability can mean for your company.

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