9 Facts About “Airtight” Cannabis Packaging You Need To Know

You’ve crafted an awesome product. Now you need ‘airtight’ cannabis packaging to deliver it to your customer in the freshest condition possible. (And it needs to be child-resistant too!) But not all ‘airtight’ packaging is the same. And when your products sit on a retailer’s shelf for a few weeks, your customers may be disappointed […]

Pre Rolls & Edibles Popularity: How Profit in 2021

The COVID pandemic has created strange opportunities in the cannabis industry. Most analysts expected consumers to stay home and pinch pennies, but the opposite has proven true: consumers spent more on cannabis in the spring of 2020 than ever before. In particular, edibles and pre rolls outpaced overall industry growth, with sales increases of 60% […]

Cannabis Packaging Automation: 5 Things to Know Before You Automate

As you’ve grown your sales volume, your cannabis packaging dynamics have probably changed. Rather than two employees in the backroom folding boxes, you now have eight — except for the days when one of them calls in sick and the rest of the crew stays late. Intuitively, you know packaging automation is the answer. As […]

5 Packaging Technologies to End the Pandemic

Here at AssurPack®, we’re passionate about packaging and how it can help the world be healthier and safer. And not just cannabis packaging — our love of package engineering extends into all areas. So as the world struggles to bring the pandemic to an end, we’re excited about the ways packaging is helping stop COVID-19. […]

How to Manage Cannabis Packaging Inventory for Increased Availability and Reduced Costs

If you’re a cannabis product manufacturer, managing your inventory presents special challenges. Regulatory changes and shifting consumer behavior affect your sales — for better or worse — and these factors make it hard to find the sweet spot when you’re stocking your product. Hopefully, your distribution network is expanding like crazy, too. But now, in […]

3 Essentials for Choosing Preroll Packaging

Are you considering packaging your top-shelf flower in prerolled form? If not, maybe you should be. The popularity of prerolls is growing as quickly as the recreational market, and prerolls have a higher perceived value than loose flower, thus fetching a premium price. Packaging prerolls, however, poses special challenges.

Top 5 Cannabis Packaging Trends of 2021

As the saying goes, change is the only constant. And in the cannabis industry, you can expect unpredictable change at a break-neck speed for the foreseeable future. Every year, regulations and trends shift. Strategies that worked in 2019 may not be feasible in 2021, and cannabis packaging that once stood out as unique and innovative […]

AssurPack® Launches Child-Resistant Packaging for Preroll Multi-Packs

The SecurSlide® MatchBox 4 provides regulatory compliance, quick branding AssurPack® LLC, the leading supplier of child-resistant packaging for cannabis products, today announced the arrival of the SecurSlide® MatchBox 4, an easy-to-use package designed especially for cannabis prerolls. Prerolls are popular with adult-use cannabis consumers. As adult-use legalization expands to four new states in the coming […]

An AssurPack® Case Study: Improving the Customer Experience and Decreasing Production Times with Better Edible Packaging

CannaCafé’s chocolate bars were a customer favorite, despite being difficult to open. By working with AssurPack® and switching to AssurClam® edible packaging, CannaCafé realized several benefits: An easy-to-open, child-resistant package that enhanced the customer experience A reduction in production times and payroll cost savings Rave reviews from retailers and budtenders About CannaCafé CannaCafé is a […]

Save Time and Money by Using a Third-Party Contract Packager

The cannabis industry becomes more like Big Pharma with every passing day. Not only are manufacturers crafting cannabis products with pharmaceutical precision, they’re packaging them with Big Pharma strategies too. In the not-too-distant future, a commonplace business strategy — contract packaging — could become the new normal. Under the contract packaging paradigm, a third-party firm […]