Cannabis Samples and Single Serve Packaging

Share Your Brand With Cannabis Samples

May 31, 2023

In the competitive world of cannabis, introducing new products to customers is challenging. As a consumer packaged goods company, offering trial sizes or samples is an effective way to market products to new customers and promote your brand. 

With the growing demand for single-use packaging and sustainability, it’s essential to find eco-friendly packaging solutions that offer convenience and ease of use. We’ll explore the benefits of packaging for samples and trial sizes and highlight some innovative product ideas to showcase your brand.

Types of Packaging for Samples

Regarding packaging cannabis samples, several compliant packaging options are available for different product types. Single-use vials, cards, pouches, and joint packs are the most popular options for packaging cannabis samples. 

Single-serving edible containers are ideal for small foods, such as cannabis gummies or candies, and can be designed with child-resistant packaging features for safety. Pouches are another popular option, as they can be used to package both dry and liquid products and are available in various sizes to accommodate different sample quantities. A large selection of branded cannabis packaging for samples helps build your brand image and increase your marketing footprint.

Marketing and Branding Opportunities

Product sampling has been a popular marketing strategy across various industries. For instance, product samples in plastic cups at grocery stores can increase product sales by 2,000%, and more than a third of customers who sample a product buy a full-size product during the same shopping trip. This is why brand activations in storefronts are so significant; it puts your brand in a customer’s hands. 

Brands that offer samples also tend to receive premium shelf space from retailers. Although product sampling in the cannabis industry may present challenges due to legal barriers and public consumption bans, companies are finding creative ways to make it work. THC companies can give out CBD products to showcase the product and the brand. 

Trade shows are also a key example of sample marketing opportunities. Industry events like Hall of Flowers allow cannabis companies to vend samples of their products with a dispensary on-site. Other industry events that aren’t product-heavy would benefit from having a variety of CBD product samples.

At AssurPack, we want our customers to be bold, take risks, and explore different eco-friendly packaging options to help reinforce sustainable practices in cannabis. AssurSeal® cannabis packaging was made to showcase your brand, and keep cannabis fresh in a sustainable fashion.

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