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Top 5 Qualities of a Cannabis Packaging Partner

November 13, 2023

Gone are the days of buying your packaging from a nameless manufacturer on a different continent. As the legal cannabis market evolves, so does every facet: legal, manufacturing, marketing, and packaging. As an industry matures, operators must develop relationships with the entities they do business with. They need to be elevated from vendors to partners. A partner won’t simply sell you the products you’re buying. They’ll help you plan how to use those goods strategically in the market to help your business grow. In this article, we’ll explore the five most important qualities of a packaging partner:

Quality: Top-Line Products 

Ultimately, the packaging your customer holds in their hand directly reflects your brand’s quality. Quality not only affects your brand’s presentation but also the integrity of your finished product. Quality packaging made with sound materials, Good Manufacturing Practices, and experience in the packaging space ensures your brand will have the best. 

Reliability: When You Need it

Many packaging suppliers are middlemen to middlemen, meaning they are various degrees away from the actual manufacturer of your packaging. If anything disrupts the supply chain (like a certain novel virus that affected everyone in 2020), their supply chain won’t be continuity, leading to lost sales. 

AssurPack® has long-standing relationships with the manufacturers we work with to secure a constant and steady supply of packaging to ensure you get what you need when needed. We understand the significance of deadlines and want to meet them reliably. We will work with you to understand your purchasing frequency and help forecast what you’ll need when you need it. 

Sustainability: Staying Green

In the wake of our industry’s packaging waste problem, sustainability is more of a responsibility than a fad. Sustainable packaging exhibits your brand’s commitment to the planet and attracts eco-conscious consumers. 

AssurPack® not only works to give you sustainable packaging, but we also work to give you sustainable options for different products. We constantly test new products to see what sustainable materials work with child-resistant mechanisms. 

Innovation: Staying Ahead

If packaging had not advanced in this industry, we would still be working with zip-loc bags. To make the most effective packaging for preserving cannabis products, innovation needs to be at the forefront of a packaging partner’s mind. We work to make packaging more sustainable, higher quality, and functional for end users while maintaining compliance. 

Cannabis brands need to partner with a supplier that embraces innovation, actively invests in it, and stays up-to-date with the latest packaging trends in the industry. Innovation doesn’t stop with trends. It incorporates materials, designs, and features that work to make your brand stand out as well as protect the integrity of your cannabis product. 

Customization: What You Want

Custom branded packaging is a necessity for staying relevant in a saturated market. Packaging needs to reflect your brand’s mission, culture, and views. A packaging partner should be able to customize your packaging, labels, inserts, cartons, and any other area of dispensary or client-facing packaging. 

Along with custom packaging, it’s equally as important for your packaging partner to develop packaging that works for your specific use case. We focus on searching for airtight solutions with our packaging because we know that regardless of our customer, they’ll need to keep their product fresh.

Choosing the right packaging supplier involves more than finding someone to deliver your packaging at a lower cost. The right supplier will work with you to help manage your supply chain, give you quality and sustainable materials, innovative designs, and the ability to customize your packaging to your goals. AssurPack brings you over 100 years of packaging experience to ensure your brand’s success.

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