AssurPack CR Airtight Cannabis Packaging SecurSlide® MB4 New PE Inserts.

An Airtight MatchBox: SecurSlide® MB4

February 13, 2024

In the dynamic world of cannabis, product presentation and sustainability are key. We’re excited to introduce the new airtight PE insert for SecurSlide® MatchBox 4, a leap forward in eco-conscious packaging solutions. This innovative product marries environmental responsibility with a sleek, customizable design, redefining how cannabis products are presented and preserved.

Our newest addition, the airtight MatchBox 4 insert, is crafted from environmentally friendly materials, including recyclable polyethylene and our BioSphere technology. These features ensure that your packaging choice looks good and contributes positively to the environment by responsibly accelerating the degradation process.

Brandability and Security

Beyond sustainability, the MatchBox 4 offers unprecedented customization options. You can match your brand’s unique identity with various color choices, ensuring your product stands out. Its versatile design is also perfect for multiple cannabis products, from edibles to pre rolls, providing a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t compromise quality or security.

Speaking of security, we haven’t forgotten the importance of keeping your products safe. The new MatchBox 4 PE airight insert has a double-taped feature, providing a secure, easy-to-access packaging solution. This double-taped insert stays within the child-resistant outer packaging of the SecurSlide® MB4. This design is the culmination of extensive research and development, offering you and your customers peace of mind.

In conclusion, the SecurSlide® MatchBox 4 is more than just a packaging option; it’s an opportunity to elevate your brand’s presentation and commitment to the environment. Embrace the future of cannabis packaging with us – because your product, brand, and consumer deserve only the best.

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