AssurPack offers cigarette style pre roll packaging.

Innovative Solution for Automated Cigarette-Style Pre-Rolls

June 4, 2024

Perfect Fit for Modern Needs Introducing the AssurSeal® M85, a specialized member of the esteemed AssurSeal® line, meticulously crafted to secure automated cigarette-style pre-rolls and half-gram smaller cone pre-rolls. With its precision engineering, the M85 is the latest solution for preserving the freshness and integrity of more delicate and compact cannabis products. Accessible and Convenient... [continue]

Airtight PE insert works with AssurPack SecureSlide Matchbox 4 to customize your cannabis packaging solutions for edibles and pre-rolls.

SecurSlide MatchBox 4: The Only Matchbox You’ll Need

February 6, 2024

Innovative Design & Material The SecurSlide MatchBox 4 is a testament to innovative packaging design, offering a robust and secure solution for various cannabis products, whether edibles or pre rolls.  Its airtight insert, made from polyethylene and infused with our Biosphere technology, demonstrates our commitment to durability and environmental responsibility. The unique construction of the... [continue]

AssurPack Spray Bottles offer metered dose solutions in multiple sizes for cannabis brands and beyond.

CR Metered Dose Spray Bottles: A Precise Dose

January 9, 2024

A Top-Shelf Solution for Liquids  AssurPack®’s Metered Dose Spray Bottles were developed to solve the difficulty of precise dosing of topicals, liquids, and sublingual medical needs while providing consumers with a form factor that allows for quick results.  Accurate Metered Dosage The spray bottles are designed with pharma usage in mind but are now available... [continue]

Child-Resistant AssurCard Vape Packaging only from AssurPack offers creative, new branding solutions for vape products.

Introducing AssurCard® Vape

September 26, 2023

Vape Packaging made for brands, consumers, and retailers. Welcome to the future of vape packaging, where style meets security, and compliance is guaranteed. Introducing AssurCard® Vape by AssurPack, the ultimate solution for your vaping products. Redefine your brand’s presence in the cannabis industry with packaging that leaves a lasting impression. Easy Scalability AssurCard® Vape takes... [continue]

AssurCard: Level Up Your Cannabis Pre-Roll Experience

August 21, 2023

Discover the Future of Pre-Roll Packaging Introducing AssurCard® Multipack by AssurPack® – the pinnacle of brandable, secure, and stylish pre-roll packaging. Redefine your customers’ pre-roll experience with a custom cannabis packaging solution designed to impress at every level. Unparalleled Cannabis Freshness AssurCard® reimagines pre-roll packaging. Its sleek, compact design is airtight to ensure the pre-roll... [continue]