Child-Resistant AssurCard Vape Packaging only from AssurPack offers creative, new branding solutions for vape products.

Introducing AssurCard® Vape

September 26, 2023

Vape Packaging made for brands, consumers, and retailers. Welcome to the future of vape packaging, where style meets security, and compliance is guaranteed. Introducing AssurCard® Vape by AssurPack, the ultimate solution for your vaping products. Redefine your brand’s presence in the cannabis industry with packaging that leaves a lasting impression. Easy Scalability AssurCard® Vape takes... [continue]

AssurCard: Level Up Your Cannabis Pre-Roll Experience

August 21, 2023

Discover the Future of Pre-Roll Packaging Introducing AssurCard® Multipack by AssurPack® – the pinnacle of brandable, secure, and stylish pre-roll packaging. Redefine your customers’ pre-roll experience with a custom cannabis packaging solution designed to impress at every level. Unparalleled Cannabis Freshness AssurCard® reimagines pre-roll packaging. Its sleek, compact design is airtight to ensure the pre-roll... [continue]