Creative Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Solutions With AssurCard® Multipack

August 21, 2023

Your cannabis brand has worked tirelessly to curate a distinct image, build an audience of supportive fans, and deliver the best cannabis products possible. And even with all that work, sometimes products can fall through the cracks or blend in with the rest of the flock… how do you prevent that? 

At AssurPack®, we possess a profound understanding of cannabis packaging, both technically and from a consumer perspective. Our relentless commitment to quality and consistency empowers your brand to distinguish itself in a competitive cannabis market.

Pre-Roll Variety Packs: Differentiate Your Brand Through Diversity

While numerous brands present multi-packs of a single strain, usually comprising 5-7 joints, setting your brand apart involves introducing diversified pre-roll assortments with strains tailored to specific moods. Imagine bundles catering to your consumers’ calm, creative, and therapeutic needs. Or if you’re marketing to an active crowd; morning, energy, and focus bundles could be an option. This innovative approach elevates your brand and captivates your audience’s interest.

To enhance user experience, consider implementing a color-coded guide within the packaging, streamlining the strain selection process. And that’s not all – go a step further by outfitting comprehensive details about the effects of each strain. This user-friendly touch infuses an element of sophistication, making the variety pack a standout gem in your product lineup.

Seasonal Pre-Roll Specialties: Embrace the Dynamic Spirit of the Seasons

Just as the craft beer industry offers seasonal blends like lemonade-infused options for summer or pumpkin-spiced variations for fall, you can also infuse seasonality into your product assortment. You tap into an innate consumer desire for variety and novelty by aligning your offerings with the current season.

Embracing seasonality showcases your brand’s adaptability and establishes deeper connections with your customer base. It’s a testament to your willingness to evolve and cater to their preferences. Introducing limited-run products that resonate with each season’s essence generates anticipation and provides a valuable content pool to fuel your marketing initiatives across various channels.

Collaborative Cannabis Exclusives: Joining Forces for Uniqueness

Collaboration can be the ace up your sleeve in a market characterized by innovation and what can make you different. By partnering with other reputable brands, you unlock the potential for exclusive and memorable offerings. Picture a pre-roll assortment package that features your brand alongside complementary products, elevating the overall experience for your cannabis consumers. Edie Parker is an excellent example of a brand that lives in both the fashion and cannabis spaces. 

Collaborative exclusives broaden your reach by tapping into the partner brand’s audience and fostering community within the cannabis enthusiast sphere. This strategy is especially effective when the partner brand shares your values and ethos. You may have customers who didn’t even know they would be fans of your brand until you collaborated with someone who shares your values, imagery, or story.

Discover our AssurCard® Multipack and highlight the difference in your pre-rolls!