The most successful partnerships are the result of shared vision, trust, and shared performance goals.

Five Top Qualities of a Great Cannabis Packaging Partner

February 16, 2023

Your cannabis products are known by the company they keep — or, more accurately, the company that keeps them fresh, safe, compliant, and flying off the shelf. Based on our well-established leadership in the industry, AssurPack invites you to consider the factors behind the most successful cannabis packaging partnerships. 

Whether your business is a start-up or an established market leader with a loyal and growing customer base, your go-to cannabis packaging partner should meet and exceed these five basic standards

1. Partnership: Let’s build your brand

Along with their commitment to promote and protect your products, your cannabis packaging providers are the special agents of your marketing program. Creative, strategic, and responsive to your needs, they ensure that the package IS the product. Their superpower? Matching your brand with a range of smart, compliant solutions — including custom designed and decorated paperboard sleeves and cartons, as well as display and folding cartons for point-of-sale cartons engagement, and more. 

At AssurPack, we make sure that all-important first impressions count — and continue to build and attract attention, thanks to our full array of specialized, proprietary designs to meet the many cannabis product formats.  

And it’s not just about looking great. Even more important is being great at keeping cannabis products fresh. Each of our unique packaging solutions reflects your dedication to healthy, sustainable, safe, fresh products — and OUR devotion to your distinction. 

AssurPack showcases the unique story of our partners’ cannabis brands with every package we manufacture. Like you, we know that great brand design elevates everything about your company and products. Brand-focused cannabis packaging conveys your quality and consistently reminds end users why they trust and value you. 

2. Readiness: We’ve got your inventory covered

One of the biggest challenges in the cannabis industry is predicting the direction of the market — and securing the right inventory to answer immediate and future needs. AssurPack manages a vast inventory of child-safe, ready-to-ship packaging options for edibles, pre rolls, vapes, and more for our customers. 

Whether it’s one of our custom cannabis packaging solutions or a quality package from our stock supplies, we help you balance your inventory with just-in-time flexibility. Our customers purchase what they need when they need it. Smaller start-up brands especially appreciate the way our service relieves them of cash-flow pressures. They are always well stocked (and restocked) because we are. 

3. Innovation: It doesn’t get fresher than this

Our packaging solutions exceed the expected. In fact, our certified airtight cannabis packaging solutions are transforming the standards of the industry. We’ve aimed beyond certification minimums to deliver THE best-in-class airtightness product, AssurSeal®, which aced US Pharmacopeia’s rigorous USP671 testing with a “Tight” rating 15 times more stringent than the next-rated “Well-Closed” protection level. 

Guaranteed to significantly extend the shelf life of edibles, flower, and pre rolls, AssurSeal was designed in partnership with our customers. We invented an easy-open seal design that extends product lifespan, maximizes inventory, and reduces the waste of expired products. And we continue to innovate, working to contain costs and offer lower MOQs as our cannabis packaging products earn gold-standard status.  

4. Leadership: We’re the authority on child-resistance compliance  

AssurPack has pioneered packaging solutions in the fast-evolving cannabis industry since our founding in 2014. Our woman-owned company has built its reputation for hands-on, customer-focused manufacturing on three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical contract packaging arena, where CPSC compliance and child-safety standards are the highest priorities. 

With an increasing number of states passing legislation to protect children from ingesting cannabis products (typically mistaking edible gummies or lollipops for candy), compliance is our shared priority. We monitor state-by-state regulations to ensure that “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN” is more than a footnote on the side of a package. 

And we balance these essential concerns with an unwavering commitment to environmental impact, intuitive use, and easy accessibility (a real plus for elderly consumers). 

5. Serious sustainability: Let’s make an impact

We’re designing for the eco-friendly future with a host of biodegradable, reusable, and recycled options. Among our innovative options are sustainable paperboard and BioSphere®, a breakthrough plastic additive that enhances biodegradation, speeds the decomposition process, and offers 100% shelf stability.  

Our partner cannabis brands appreciate — and share — our determination to use sustainably sourced materials whenever possible. This can include, for one example, the renewable wheat straw resin that we’ve engineered into the SecurSlide® BP MatchBox. Available in both black and natural and featuring a distinctive speckled texture to signal earth-friendly materials, SecurSlide BP is a natural choice for edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, and pre roll packaging.

And check out our AssurClam®, the world’s first child-resistant, reclosable plastic clamshell. Made from eco-friendly, recycled materials rated #1 for recyclability, AssurClam means never having to compromise with conventional plastics and bulky packaging. 

We could make the case for another five+ factors that make all the difference in cannabis packaging partnerships. For now, we invite you to bring your next challenge to AssurPack and see what brand-building expertise, inventory readiness, innovation, industry leadership, and commitment to sustainability mean for your growing business. 

Let’s get to work.

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